Anne Aubin



Zafara- A Walk in the Park Co-Star Marie Wilkinson
Moonlight Mile Featured Brad Siberling
Nick and Toni Lead Dir. Troy Pickett
Orange County Featured Dir. Jake Kasdan
Ocean’s 11 Featured Dir. Steven Sodeberg
Murder by Numbers Featured Dir. Barbet Schroder
Leap of Faith Featured Dir. Richard Pearce
Scoundrels Local Gal ABC
Alias Featured ABC
The Ellen Show Featured CBS
Providence Featured NBC
The Division Featured Lifetime
Port Charles Featured ABC
Men, Women and Dogs Featured WB
Big Time (MOW) Featured Dir. Paris Barclay
Walker, Texas Ranger Featured CBS
ER Featured NBC
Coming of Age Co-Star ABC Dallas, Texas
Available upon request
Painted Heroes Featured Dir. Terry Benedict
New MegaBasics Featured Dir. Ric Sternberg
The Donut Repair Club Featured Dir. Catherine Reynolds


Diane Salinger

Margie Haber- Cold Reading

Workshops- Fern Orenstein, Kathy Brink, Shari Rhodes, Toni Cobb-Brock, Jo Edna Boldin, Janet


Brite Lites Studio Introduction to Film

Actor’s Prepatory- Introduction to Film, Advanced Film Technique, Voice and Diction

Teen Drama- 130 hours of training which follows 500 performances of improvisational skits.

Second year, assistant director

Theatre- Lee Abraham, Stephen Gerald, Salil Singh, Laura Worther and Joan Lazurus



University of Texas at Austin:

Bachelor in Theatre and Dance

Workshops: Uta Hagen, Marcia Gay Harden


Special Skills

Horseback riding, Volleyball, Swimming, Jazz, Hip Hop and Salsa Dancing, Running, Yoga, Snow Skiing, Pilates, Tennis



Southern, Texan